B-Very Flat

Is anyone really safe? Not necessarily. At nineteen years old, Serena Brinkman, an undergraduate violin major at Tilton University, seems to have a very secure future; she’s got good looks, money, people who love her, and rare musical talent. She’s also got a coveted Amati violin, a musical rival, friends whose secrets she knows, and an obsessed fan.  Serena’s dreams are shattered when she suddenly dies on the night of a major music competition. Serena’s partner, sure that her death was not an accident, asks for help from Dr. Joel Williams of Tilton’s Department of Criminal Justice. Williams, a former detective, becomes convinced that Serena was murdered, when he learns how unsafe her world really was. As he works with the Tilton Police Department to uncover the truth, Williams finds that Serena’s looks, money, and talent, far from securing her future, made her a target. 
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Author Carol Balawyder

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