Crime Fiction Alphabet 2013

crime_fiction_alphabetI am  delighted to be a part of the 2013 Crime Fiction Alphabet meme, hosted by the very capable and talented Kerrie at Mysteries in Paradise.

Here you’ll find links to all of my Crime Fiction Alphabet posts. Feel free to stop back here any time to catch up on posts you’ve missed.


A – Arsenic

B – Blunt Force Trauma

C – Cars

D – Drowning

E- Execution-Style Murders

F – Falls

G – Garroting

H – Horse Collars, Herbs and Other Highly Unusual Homicides

I – Injections

J – Jail

K – Knives

L – Locomotives

M – Mushrooms

N – Nature

O – Overdoses

P – Props

Q – Quackery and Charlatanism

R – Rye and Related Grains

S – Scissors and Other Sharp Objects

T – Technology

U – Undercover Operations

V – Venom

W – Wine

X – X-Rays and Other Medical Procedures

Y – Yellowjackets, Wasps and other Stingers

Z – Zzzzzzzs